The Astral Mother was created by SHADIKAL15

The Astral Mother was the Gaster of AlphaTale, and mother to both Alpha!Sans and Error404

She is the major goddess of the void


The Astral Mother is very prideful, intelligent and charismatic.

She is also a very goal-orientated woman, and doesn't even bother speaking to those she considers below her.

This created a bit of conflict with her children, as she doesn't even trust them with her lab or equipment.


She was once the royal scientist of AlphaTale, her advancement made the Underground of AlphaTale a paradise, far beyond anything seen by the likes of human achievement.

She even created two sons, and treasured both of them greatly, and considered them to be a cut above the rest of monsters like her.

She had become the strongest monster within AlphaTale due to her interactions with the other Gaster's of the multiverse, especially Classic!Gaster.

AlphaTale's destruction

AlphaTale was, for the most part, destroyed while she was in her lab hard at work.

AlphaTale crumbled around her, and she fell directly out of the universe, and has since been wandering the multiverse, looking for a way to bring back AlphaTale, to bring back her world and her sons.


The Astral Mother found ReaperTale, and began learning the true meaning of life and death, the true way to bring back AlphaTale without the conflicts from a world incompatible with the multiverse's current code structure.

Powers & Stats

  • Orb of Destruction The Astral Mother created a orb meant to destroy nearly anything. The orb houses a void that can vacuum almost anything into itself.
  • Soul Manipulation She can manipulate souls, changing them or even shattering them at her will
  • Creation She has learned how to create and modify similar to how creators themselves can, and plans to master this power to revive everything she has lost