Glitch Sans was created by Underhell Sans

Glitch is the brother of Negative and is the god of resurrection


Glitch for the most part is somewhat aloof, though that does not mean he is unaware, and will protect others at any sign of a threat

He is more of a true hero than Ink, genuinely want to protect others rather than the AU's themselves


Glitch and Negative were once Sans 2.0, living in the AU UnderTale 2.0, though their life was cut short, Error had arrived with the intent of eradicating their universe, so Sans 2.0 fought back, though he eventually lost, and was split in two.

He became both Glitch and Negative, and the both of them were thrown into the anti-void

The meeting

While fighting, Ink and Error happened upon the brothers Glitch and Negative, this was the first time that both Ink and Error realized there were more out-of-code Sans than just them, and each selected one of the brothers their students.

Glitch had the unique ability of resurrection, he could bring the dead back to life, Ink decided to help him learn to resurrect AU's.

Powers & Stats

  • Resurrection Glitch has the ability to bring thing back that were destroyed, unlike Ink who is incapable of doing such