Nightmare!Sans was created by JokuBlog

Nightmare is a being of darkness who feeds off the negativity of the multiverse

He is the sole god of negativity and nightmares


Nightmare is cruel and evil to most, though he still has some good left in him.

The negativity he ingested twisted his mental state, making him a being with a heart of absolute darkness.

He only cares for causing and feeding off of negative emotions.


When the original guardian of the Tree of Feelings died, Dream and his brother nightmare were created.

Dream was to protect the fruits of the tree that contained dreams and positive feelings, Nightmare was to guard the fruits that contained negativity and Nightmares.

Nightmare grew jealous of his brother, for no one admired him like they would admire Dream, simply because he didn't guard something of which they desire.

Nightmare consumed the fruit of which he guarded, turning him into an amorphous creature of pure hate, which feeds off the negativity throughout the multiverse.

Dream also turned to the fruit of which he guarded, becoming a force for good so that he may guard the tree from the monster his once dear sibling had become.


Nightmare made a pact with Cross!Sans, Cross will be the cause of distress and negativity, and Nightmare will feed upon it. During this he will allow Cross multiversal travel.

Powers & Stats

  • AU jump Nightmare can travel to AU's at will
  • Tendrils Can summon tendrils from his back to use as additional appendages
  • Negativity consumption He feeds of negativity to increase his strength