Underhell!Sans was created by Underhell Sans

Underhell!Sans is the Sans of Underhell and is the strongest mortal in the UnderTale Multiverse


Underhell!Sans is an egotistical and somewhat narcissistic Sans. His lonely upbringing has given him a self centered view of the world. Only he matters in the grand scheme of things.

The lack of a Papyrus and Toriel had sent him down a dark path. No one was there to help him with his darker desires. As a result he is seen as a villain by many.


Sans once lived within his home AU, Underhell.

Though sadly his AU never had a Papyrus or Toriel, and he barely even knew Gaster before his death.

The only person he ever had any contact with was Undyne, though he never quite became friends with her due to their conflicting egos, even so they did notably have a mutual crush on each other


Error!Sans came to UnderHell, with the intent to wipe the entire AU off the map, though Ink!Sans was here to try and combat Error.

UnderHell!Sans encountered them during the fight, and nearly died in the process, but managed to escape with his life.

The day later he informed Undyne of what happened while he was escorting the human through Lavafall, his Au's version of Waterfall

The Multiverse

While reflecting on what had happened, Hell had the idea of using his eye to see more, and when he did he caught glimpses of worlds, much like his own, with more people, and this skeleton called Papyrus with many of the Sans he saw.

He decided to see worlds beyond his, and constructed a machine that would take him there.

Stats & Powers

  • Magic Eye He can turn his eye purple to see through worlds and timelines, as well as increase his magic output ten-fold
  • Determination Hell was the most determined monster in the Underground, due to his determination injections, though as a result he had melted part of his ribcage
  • Gaster Blasters Giant magic-firing skulls his father had designed
  • Bones standard ability that most Sans have