XGaster was created by jakei

XGaster is a mortal Gaster responsible for X-Tale, and is one of the many puppets of Error404


XGaster is a borderline sociopathic scientist, though he is very clever and intelligent.

He is often uncaring and outright destructive to nearly everyone around him, Ink!Sans being one of the few exceptions.


He tried and failed to create the perfect world, possibly inspired by the legends of AlphaTale.

Being the creator of X-Tale, he had the power of OVERWRITE, and used this to experiment, messing with the people of X-Tale, mostly X-Tale Frisk and Chara, he eventually becomes obsessed with the X-event, and gives his soul to Ink!Sans before the people of X-Tale rebel.

In doing so, X-Tale vanishes, and the X-event takes it's course.


Not much is known about how XGaster and Error404 first met, but 404 has complete authority over XGaster.

It is possible that OVERWRITE is a key part of 404's plan to bring back AlphaTale

Powers & Stats

  • OVERWRITE With this power XGaster has a large degree of control over timelines